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The Dark Fire Lord as he tried to conquer The Fire Kingdom

The Dark Fire Lord is the one who tried to take over The Fire Kingdom. Flamus was his most hated enemy. He knew he was gonna be trouble, so he created Dark Fire. Dark Fire is fire, but evil. Dark Fire was the most liked enemy weapon. Dark Fire was so powerful, Dark Fire Lord used it to create allibies, servants, and slaves. He named himself the Dark Fire Lord and then made a planet with Dark Fire. He named that kingdom Dark Fire Jail because he liked to jail the heroes that came in his way, such as Flamus.

How he became evilEdit

Dark Fire Lord wasnt really named Dark Fire Lord. In fact, his real name was Smith(don't laugh).


You know, Dark Fire Lord wasnt always evil. One day, he asked his mother to go to The Fire Kingdom. He came there and suddenly, he was popular. Until, Flamus came and then he became popular. Smith was so mad that he became jealous enough to kill him. He had grown to 20-years-old, and started making a formula to turn him into fire. He turned into fire and started making Dark Fire. He added that to his body and started calling him Dark Fire Lord.


This is his charts
sisters Fire Queen
enemies Flamus, Fire Queen
allies Dark Fire Slaves and Servants