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The Dark Fire Jail

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Dark Fire Slaves and Servants

Dark Fire Slaves are Citizens of Dark Fire Jail. Dark Fire Lord's favorite Dark Fire Slave is Mabel. Mabel is his Assistant Lord, and all the Dark Fire Slaves call her Fire Assistant Lord.

Mabel and Dark Fire PrincessEdit

Fire Assistant Lord(Mabel)

Mabel was the first Dark Fire Slave to be created. Dark Fire Lord knew that SHE would be the hero of his world. To protect all his Dark Fire Slaves, he sent Fire Assistant Lord to kill Flamus. As usual, Flamus won, sending Fire Assistant Lord back to Dark Fire Jail.

Dark Fire Princess

Dark Fire Lord also created a princess. Her name was Angela, but the Dark Fire Lord changed her name to Dark Fire Princess, since she was a princess. She could control Dark Fire, too. She was evil, too. Under that happiness on the outside, the inside is evilness and the willing to kill Flamus. It seemed like everybody on that planet wanted to kill Flamus. It was all because of popularity.

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The Dark Fire Princess

Dark Fire JailEdit

Dark Fire Jail is where Dark Fire Lord, Fire Assistant Lord, and Dark Fire Princess lives. The whole planet was made by Dark Fire, and so were the Dark Fire Slaves. Dark Fire Lord (as said on his wiki) created the whole planet. He made Dark Fire Jail to...

1. Jail his enemies, such as Flamus

2. To mix up The Fire Kingdom with Dark Fire Jail