Dark Flamus after Dark Fire Lord changed him

Dark Flamus is the dark version of Flamus the Fire Hedghehog. Dark Fire Lord transformed him into a Dark Fire Dragon. He sent him to kill Fire Queen, but then Flamus' good side got the best of him. Then he turned back into himself, sending Dark Fire Lord to Dark Fire Jail.

How he changedEdit

This story will tell you everything about what happened.

"Dark Fire Lord, your finished!" Flamus said.

Fire came in, and saw what Flamus did to Dark Fire Lord.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Fire came in with a laugh.

"Well what do you think about this!!" DFL said.

Mabel and Dark Fire Princess came in and took Fire out.

Then, they held Flamus so the transformation could be done.

"Let me go!" Flamus said.

"I've wanted always to do this. Mwahahahaha!!" Dark Fire Lord started the machine.

Zaps began to become on Flamus. The whole room lit up.

"How do you feel, Flamus?" Dark Fire Lord said.

"I feel......evil." Flamus said.

Then, out of moments, Flamus turned into this big dragon.

Dark Fire Lord had a sly grin on his face.

"Go kill Fire Queen!! NOW!" DFL said.

"Yes sir." Flamus had walked out of the door, running to The Fire Kingdom.