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Dark Queen as she made Dark Moon

Dark QueenEdit

The queen of Dark Moon, and is Dark's ally. Dark Queen is more powerful than Fire Queen. She can take over your body, summon the Shadow Demons, and make you scream real hard.

Dark Queen is the ultimate enemy against The Four Heroes. She once tried to take over The Fire Kingdom and Dark Fire Jail, but she failed because DFL and the Four Heroes defeated her. She was ashamed. That's when she found out about summoning Shadow Demons. She then made Dark Moon, a place where your nightmares and Shadow Demons roam and kill. Dark is a special kind of Shadow Demon. He was formed to kill the Four Heroes, especially Fire and Flamus.

Dark MoonEdit

Dark Moon is where your night and Shadow Demons roam. It is also Dark's birthplace and his hometown. The Four Heroes tried to explode it once, but Dark and Dark Queen protected it.