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This is my sonic fan themed story with Fire and Sun Hedgehogs This wiki will tell you about hedgehogs that SEGA should make: Flamus, Waterus(Flamus' bro), Dark Fire Lord, Fire Queen


This wiki is people who wants SEGA to put in a sonic game or to make their own game and someday that will happen

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  • discussion page Talk:Flamus the Fire Hedgehog
    new comment by Kaidigem
    Comment: Also he is super laid back. He gave Metal Madness all 7 chaos emeralds because he thought it was kind.
    created by Mjbeck
    New page: Coming soon, an all new flash game will come, Flamus the Hedgehog Flash. CharactersEdit Characters are simple. The main characters are...
    Added photo:
  • edit Flamus the Fire Hedgehog
    edited by Vevogbeck diff
    Edited the section: What he is like
  • edit Sun Queen
    edited by Vevogbeck diff
  • new page Sun Queen
    created by Vevogbeck
    New page: The Sun Queen is the queen of the sun. Fire is Sun Queen's hero, because he saved her from being defeated by the Dark Queen. Think of it this way: ...
    Added photo:
  • new page Dark Queen and Dark Moon
    created by Mjaybeck
    New page: Dark QueenEdit The queen of Dark Moon, and is Dark's ally. Dark Queen is more powerful than Fire Queen. She can take over your body, summon the...
    Added photo:
  • new page Dark the Dark Hedgehog
    created by Mjbeck
    New page: Dark the Dark Hedgehog is an enemy of the Four Heroes(Flamus, Fire, Mindi, and Fire Queen.) He wasn't created by Dark Fire Lord. He is actually from...
    Summary: Dark's life is the opposite of Flamus' life.
    Added photo:
  • new page Inferno Fire
    created by Mjbeck
    New page: Inferno Fire is the Powerful, Super form of Fire the Sun Hedgehog using Fire Gems. How he looks likeEdit Fire used to look like he was shy. A few...
    Added photo:
  • edit Dark Flamus
    edited by Mjbeck diff
  • new page Dark Flamus
    created by Mjbeck
    New page: Dark Flamus is the dark version of Flamus the Fire Hedghehog. Dark Fire Lord transformed him into a Dark Fire Dragon. He sent him to kill Fire Queen,...
    Summary: DFL turned Flamus evil.
    Added photo:

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