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Fire the Sun Hedgehog

Early ChildhoodEdit

In the picture, Fire looks a little desperate, but that's because his childhood wasnt what you expected. He's actually more powerful then you expected.

Powers: Sun beam, Burn

Weaknesses: Water, Cold Climate

Super Form Powers: Super Sun Beam, Super Burn, Explosive Fighting

Fire and Flamus are close friends. Flamus met Fire while saving the world from Dark Fire Lord. When Flamus was trapped, Fire used Sun Beam to blind Dark Fire Lord. Fire's life has always been sad, but when he met Flamus, he knew that he could go on adventures and help him defeat Dark Fire Lord.

His Sadness:

Fire is always so sad because bullies bullied him when he was a kid. He was too weak to fight them. That was because he didn't have powers. He told Flamus what his childhood was. "Well, you can come with me. We'll be friends. Come with me on adventures. I could REALLY use help with that Sun Beam." Flamus said. Fire had a smile on his face. It was like he had a real best friend. One that wouldnt bully him.

Fire GemsEdit


This is my letter that I wrote. If anyne finds this, they better know what I did. I made some new kind of Super Chaos Emeralds called Fire Gems. If any Sun/Fire hedgehog finds this, the Fire Gems are 2 feet under the X where you find this letter.

Fire was amazed. He did what the letter told him to do, and he found Super Chaos Emeralds called Fire Gems. Flamus and the Fire Queen has proud and amazed when he found them. And that's how Flamus and Fire and others get in their super forms(if you were asking).