This is Flamus with fire in his hand like he's gonna burn someone

Flamus the Fire Hedgehog is a fire/sun hedgehog who burns his enemies. Just like Flame, he is friends with Blaze, he justs wants to date Blaze, and with Silver in the way he wont ask her.

Powers and Weaknesses

Weaknesses: Cold Climate, Water

Powers: Burn his enemies into shreds. When someone touches him, their hands burn

Super form Powers: Super Burn, Fire Blast, Meteor Shower, Explosive Fighting(ability to explode anything in his way)

What he is likeEdit

This is a chart about what Flamus is like
Power percentage 80%
enemies Dark Fire Lord
cousins Sonic the Hedgehog, Flame the Hedgehog
bros Waterus the Water Hedgehog, Sun the Sun Hedgehog

Waterus the Water Hedgehog:

Waterus the Water Hedgehog is the brother of Flamus(even though he's water). They both were born to the same mother, then Waterus ran away. Waterus was originally named John, but when he moved away to work with water, he changed his name to Waterus the Water Hedgehog.

Sun the Sun Hedgehog:

Sun the Sun Hedgehog is also a brother of Flamus, he just lives on the Sun. Sun has the same powers as Flamus (except for when someone touches him, their hands don't burn). He was born in The Fire Kingdom, it's just that he wanted to just become a Sun Hedgehog because when you're a Fire Hedgehog, you're a Sun Hedgehog , too.

Flamus has always been an enemy of Dark Fire Lord because DFL( Dark Fire Lord) took over The Fire Kingdom. Fire Queen ordered everybody to get off the planet, and Flamus was so mad, he sweared that he was gonna come back, angry.