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The Fire Queen walking to her castle

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The Fire Kingdom

The Fire Queen is the sister of Dark Fire Lord. She's way more different then him. She's a girl(obvious) and he's a boy. Shes uses fire and he uses Dark Fire. She's good and he's evil. Flamus is her ally, while Flamus is his enemy. Flamus is the queen's hero because he saved her from being burned by Dark Fire.

Fire QueenEdit

Information about The Fire Queen
lives The Fire Kingdom
Dark Fire Lord
Flamus the Fire Hedgehog


Mandi is the queen's assistant. The citizens of The Fire Kingdom(Also called Firs) call Mandi "Fir Assistant." Mandi is also the guard of the kingdom, and also Flamus is, too.

The Fire KingdomEdit

The Fire Kingdom is where Flamus, Fire Queen, Mandi, and much Firs. Dark Fire Lord was born there, too. Also, Waterus and Sun. Many people were born there and it is the most famous planet in space, besides Earth. Many fire figures were started here and Fire Queen is glad to be leading such a beautiful,peaceful world. And so is Flamus and Mandi. I bet Dark Fire Lord would feel the same way if he wasnt evil because he would be the King.